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SITA Remediation Netherlands has approximately 30 years experience in the remediation of complex contaminated sites, using both in-situ and conventional cleanup.
We also have in Utrecht, a TOP (temporary storage place). Here we accept all kinds of soil and various secondary materials as needed for cleaning and provide them in an environmentally responsible manner.

For very large project, we have a Soil Washing Unit for the remediation site itself. The rental and sales of water treatment is completed our service. Partly by joining forces with Germany, Belgium and France, SITA Remediation able to offer you a global solution including the most economical solutions and best techniques.

As a subsidiary of SITA Specialties, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, SITA Remediation is present in the international market for soil remediation, water purification and soil remediation.

SITA Remediation has about 150 employees and 10 branches and mainly carries out assignments for governments and multinationals, but also organizations and medium-sized businesses use our services.

Dik Raadgever - Managing Director